8BitDo Ultimate Controller with Charging Dock 2.4g for Windows, Android and iOS 16.3+ – White


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  • Compatible with Windows Android iOS16.3+ and Raspberry Pi.
  • Multifunctional charging station – Stable connection and the Controller automatically turns on/off when fastened/detached.
  • Ultimate PC software
  • Mode switch button (X input D input)
  • 2 Pro-Back-Paddle buttons & custom profile switch button 3 profiles for fast switching 2.4g adapter Rumble vibration USB-C 15 hours of battery life
  • Note There is both a cable and a “key” included. However the “key” is also included to be able to use the wireless controller. It is placed in the slot under the charging station as shown in the 5-digit image on the product page on the Amazon web page.