ASHATA Controller Back Button Accessory for Xbox One S/X/Series S/Series X/for PS4 Controller Gamepad Paddle Keys with Silicone Pad


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  • GAMEPLAY EXPERIENCE: This back button attachment allows players to remap the ABXY/LR/directional buttons on the for Xbox One controller to the rear trigger buttons for enhanced gaming experience. A must for gamers.
  • SILICONE PAD: Comes with a silicone pad that can be inserted between the controller and the mounting clip for added stability. Powered by the console no additional adapters or batteries required.
  • EASY TO USE: Use after connecting two cables to the rear button attachment and controller (short cable) and console (long cable). Supports 3.5mm wired headphones.
  • 2 BUTTONS: Provides two styles of trigger back buttons. Players can choose one of them according to their preferences. Attach the trigger to the rear clamp bracket align the trigger screw with the screw hole and turn the trigger clockwise to lock the trigger.
  • COMPATIBLE: This Gamepad Controller Back Button Accessory Adapter is compatible with for Xbox One X for Xbox One S for Xbox Series X (XSX) for Xbox Series S (XSS) controllers.