Avatar The Last Airbender Quest for Balance (PS5)


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  • Explore the World of Avatar and travel across the four nations through a 1-2 player co-op 18 chapter adventure
  • Embrace Your Destiny and complete Aang’s original adventure; replay each chapter whenever you choose to re-experience your favorite moments from the series
  • Unlock the Mysteries and navigate challenging puzzles using bending and the unique abilities of water earth fire and air; upgrade your abilities throughout the story to unleash the full potential of the Avatars including Aang Toph Sokka and Katara
  • Restore Balance to the World by defending your party against opposing forces using a mix of complex bending-based combos to deal damage to Fire Nation soldiers and other various adversaries
  • Channel your Intellect through a mix of combat and unique puzzles to take down key bosses preventing you from completing your quest.