Battlefield 2042 (PS4)


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  • A WORLD TRANSFORMED BY DISORDER: In 2042 extreme weather events and resource conflicts have shifted the balance of global power
  • VAST AND DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENTS: Get an even greater sense of spectacular large-scale war on seven massive maps – crafted through a revamped design philosophy
  • A CUTTING-EDGE ARSENAL: Unleash your combat creativity through a full roster of cutting-edge weapons vehicles jets helis and all-new equipment inspired by the near-future of 2042
  • SPECIALISTS: Choose your role on the battlefield and form hand-tailored squads through the new Specialist system
  • NEW SEASONS NEW CONTENT: You and the community will progress in Battlefield 2042 through a Season system which will continuously bring fresh updates to the game
  • Supported on Xbox Series XS PlayStation(r)5 and PC only. Xbox One and PlayStation(r)4 will be locked at 64 players
  • 128 SIMULTANEOUS PLAYERS: For the first time in Battlefield’s history 128 players can join the all-out war at the same time
  • PlayStation Plus subscription required