Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance Special Edition (Xbox Series X) Exclusive to Amazon


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  • Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance Steelbook Edition contains: Main Game Beholder Weapon Set DLC Lich Weapon Set DLC Echoes of the Blood War Expansion content preorder Mini Art book Official Digital soundtrack code and collectible Steelbook case.
  • Dark Alliance brings to life the world of Dungeons & Dragons in an explosive action RPG filled with real-time combat and dynamic co-op.
  • Choose one of four heroes from best-selling fantasy author R.A. Salvatore – Drizzt Do’Urden Catti-brie Wulfgar and Bruenor Battlehammer each with their own playstyle.
  • Join up to three friends and fight together to unleash devastating combos as you topple unstoppable monsters too powerful to go it alone.
  • This action RPG pits players against some of the most legendary monsters from the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Frost giants Beholders White Dragons—muster the strength to defeat them all against insurmountable odds.
  • Explore the frigid and dangerous world of Icewind Dale as you defend your homeland from armies of abominable monsters.