Dying Light 2 Stay Human (PlayStation 5)


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  • Vast open world – participate in the life of a city engulfed in a new dark era. Discover different paths and hidden passages as you explore its multiple levels and locations
  • Creative & brutal combat – take advantage of your parkour skills to tip the scales of even the most brutal encounter. Clever thinking traps and creative weapons will be your best friends
  • Day and night cycle – wait for night to venture into dark hideouts of the infected. Sunlight keeps them at Bay but once it’s gone monsters begin the hunt leaving their lairs free to explore
  • Choices & consequences – shape the future of the city with your actions and watch how it changes. Determine the balance of Power by making choices in a growing conflict and forge your own experience
  • 2-4 player co-op gameplay – Play in up to four-player co-op. Host your own games or join others and see how their choices have played out differently than yours