Dying Light 2 Stay Human


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  • Decide the fate of the city: make tough choices and face their consequences as you decide the fate of humanity on the brink of Extinction. Every step of the way your actions will shape the world around you on a huge scale.
  • become the greatest nightrunner: move across the massive open world with unrivalled freedom using Park our and master brutal first-person combat as you rise to become a nightrunner of great power influence and respect.
  • venture into a modern dark Age Delve into a decaying city where humankind has reverted to a dark Age and factions fight for power and resources. The new World order is violent and Primal – and So are the survivors.
  • stand against the evolving infection survive vicious encounters with monsters spawned by the virus. Sunlight keeps them at Bay leaving only other survivors for you to beware of but nights – they belong to the infected.
  • join other survivors in co-op play the entire campaign in up to 4-player co-op. Join other people’s games to see how their choices have played out and how they have shaped their world differently to yours