Fireshine Games DREDGE Deluxe Edition (PlayStation 5)




  • DREDGE is a single-player fishing adventure with a sinister undercurrent. Sell your catch upgrade your boat and dredge the depths for long-buried secrets. Explore a mysterious archipelago and discover why some things are best left forgotten.
  • Unravel a Mystery Captain your fishing trawler across a collection of remote islands each with its own inhabitants to meet wildlife to discover and stories to unearth.
  • Dredge the Depths Scour the sea for hidden treasures and complete quests to gain access to strange new abilities
  • Study Your Craft Research special equipment and upgrade your boat’s capabilities to gain access to rare fish and valuable deep-sea curios.
  • Fight the Unfathomable Strengthen your mind and use your abilities to survive trips out on the water after dark.
  • Note If Game does not load check that the disc is clean and inserted the correct way also that the console is correct to the format on the case as well as connected to you internet when loading.