Five Nights At Freddy’s: Core Collection (Xbox One/)


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  • Xbox One game playable on Xbox series x
  • two years of Freddy – The core collection includes the first five mainline titles in the fnaf universe that started it all: five nights at freddy’s five nights at freddy’s 2 five nights at freddy’s 3 five nights at freddy’s 4 and five nights at freddy’s: sister location.
  • celebrate with new friends – meet a colorful cast of robotic companions that are ready to Welcome you to the fazbear family including Bonnie chica Foxy and Freddy fazbear himself.
  • hide and seek – survive the night by Monitoring the suspicious activity of the haunted animations that come alive at night. They can run but you can hide.
  • console Exclusive features – A new achievement and trophy system as well as optional cheats that give new reasons to revisit fazbear Entertainment