GameSir G7 Wired Controller for Xbox Series X-S, Xbox One and Windows 10/11 – PC Gaming Gamepad with 3.5mm Audio Jack (2 Swappable Faceplates)


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  • GamSir G7 Wired Game Controller works with Xbox Series XS Xbox One and Windows 10/11.The detachable 3m USB-C cable gives you the freedom to play from your desired spot in the room.
  • 2 Swappable paint-friendly faceplates effortless and endless customization: Personalize a unique Xbox controller and instantly stand out without taking apart the controller.
  • The GameSir Nexus software brings more customization to your controller. Create controller profiles by mapping buttons adjusting sticks & triggers zone configuring vibration level etc.
  • 2 distinct rumble motors in the grips for strong and subtle vibration. 2 motors behind the triggers for vibration feedback to your fingertips. With the impulse triggers experience the real precise feedback of impacts engine roar and driving over surface irregularities.
  • GameSir G7 comes with 2 additional back buttons so you can map your in-game valuable actions on the fly even in the middle of the game. Program and use instantly no need for software.
  • GameSir precision-tuned tech in the Hall Effect analog triggers deliver the most consistent smoothness and precise controls making every move just listens to your hand under the pioneer pressure-sensitive tech whether it’s an acceleration or a brake.
  • Plug your favorite headset to the built-in 3.5mm audio jack and quickly control volume on the fly without software be it master or voice chat volume. You can even easily mute your mic by a short press on the mic mute button.
  • Equipped with ALPS 3D joysticks GameSir G7 gives you smooth precise 360° control. Besides clickable L3/R3 buttons give additional input options for play so you can enjoy an enhanced gaming experience.
  • Specially-tuned GameSir tactile face buttons come with a 5-layer structure. Microswitches deliver fast actuation with a minimized actuation distance of 0.6mm only while the embedded kit that includes a a soft rubber pad and a bracket produces satisfying presses along with a crisp yet cushioned feel.
  • Textured grips on each bumpers and triggers keep your fingers non-slip on rapid actions while textured rubber grips on the back-case brings you all day comfort.